This winter, I’ve been very much into wearing plaid, but not just any plaid, but the classic lumberjack plaid shirt. I think a classic black and red combination looks great on everyone. The best thing to pair plaid with, is an oversized sweater and some Chuck Taylor’s (Converse),  or even some great winter boots.
Lately,  the trend has been tying your flannel around your waist, and wearing some high-waisted shorts or high-waisted pants. Instead of doing that trend, I thought I would pair it with these new flare jeans from The Gap; how fun are these pants.
My best trick to wearing anything high-waisted, is to tuck your shirt in. It’s always best to show off your waist– it gives so much dimension to the outfit. If flare jeans aren’t your thing, then this outfit would look equally cute with some classic Levi Skinny Jeans tucked into some black boots.

This white leather jacket is the perfect add-on to make the outfit complete. It doesn’t distract from the plaid, but adds a little something to the outfit. Even a black leather jacket would look amazing with this outfit. It’s all about the fit as well as the color. When it comes to leather jackets, you don’t want them to be too loose, and you don’t want them to be too tight. Otherwise, you get these weird wrinkled lines. BIG NO NO.
Today, take your favorite flannel and try a leather jacket, or even with your favorite jeans. Try something new that you haven’t tried with that classic flannel. I hope this shows you different ways of putting together these classic flannels



Shirt: Forever 21

Jeans: The Gap

Wedges: Target

Scarf: Cotton On

Faux Leather Jacket: Forever 21

Photos Taken By Bethany Kozal

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  • by miss mary
    Posted February 10, 2014 5:44 am 0Likes

    What a lovely blog for such a lovely girl! The lumberjack look was so popular when i was in high school…we used to wear them with work boots. Its so fun to see which trends resurrect!

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