Nude heels are the perfect shoes to have in your closet. They go with any outfit– whether you are dressing up or dressing down, it’s the one shoe you should have. I love pairing a nude shoe with a print. This floral print is the perfect complement to a plain shoe. Adding a blazer makes the look so much more polished. You could wear this outfit to an interview, or maybe just to work.

Floral print is something that makes me happy, and even though it’s winter right now in Nevada, it feels more like spring. If a peach blazer is just to much for you, then a black blazer would look good with this outfit, or even a camel colored blazer. It’s all about layering and adding accessories. This is  the key to taking an outfit from ordinary to fabulous. I challenge you to try a bright colored blazer. Find one that compliments you, and rock the heck out of it.
Never be intimidated by too much print, or to0 much color.

SHOES: LULU (Santee Alley)
Top: (Nordtrom Rack)
Blazer: Forever 21
Jeans: Rue 21
Earrings: Francescas


  • by Ev
    Posted January 31, 2014 7:38 pm 0Likes

    I totally agree with the concept! I have a pair of basic 5 inch nude heels and I practically wear them daily. The earrings caught my intention, they’re so pretty!

  • by noa
    Posted January 31, 2014 11:21 pm 0Likes

    I need to get me a pair of nude heels!

  • by miss mary
    Posted February 10, 2014 5:50 am 0Likes

    A very bright fresh and sophisticated look! Love the blouse.

  • by Ricardo
    Posted May 9, 2014 2:12 am 0Likes

    Kibda mature of a look

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